Helderberg Hollow Farm

Special Thanks to:

David Funk of Chenango-Hills for selling us our first kids and mentoring us while we learned the ropes of goat care and showing. We are sad that he is no longer in the breeding business and hope he is enjoying his free time. We hope that we are doing a good job with the wonderful Chenango-Hills genetics we acquired from him which will help carry on the Chenango-Hills line. 

 Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm for selling us CH Rosaharn's BB Tom Bombadil, for being instrumental in us acquiring our Doe-Sy-Doe goats and who has always just been an email or phone call away to answer any questions we had. 

 Eileen Gerdes of  Mithrandirfarm who we consider ourselves so lucky to have met at the first ADGA show we attended. Eileen, her husband Patrick and their children have become great friends of ours. Eileen is one of the most generous and caring people I have met. She always has great advice, has dropped everything at a moments notice to drive (fly) to my house to help with a bad kidding (don't worry I won't tell anyone what your hair looked like when you arrived) and even offered to leave her Christmas family dinner to drive to meet Bob when we needed medication for an emergency because our vet was unavailable. She has also been an understanding shoulder to cry on when any of my beloved goats went over the Rainbow Bridge. She is a what true friendships are made of and I hope I am able to repay her some day. 

 Kathy Winters of Red Horse Valley who contacted us when she found out we owned CH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil that is Cento's twin brother who she owns. During our email conversations she generously offered to advertise some of our kids on her site which prompted us to get working on our own website. She has since become a wonderful friend and been a great source for goat information.

 Heather Marciello of Doe-Sy-Doe for selling us Capt'n, Fire and Thumbelina. We are thrilled to have all 3 and promise to give Thumbelina a great "Forever" home.

 Lori Yeske of Lady Walkers Half Moon Farm for being so supportive of our goats at the shows we've been at together. We hope CH (Pending) Helderberg TB Gandalf does great things for your herd! 

 Susan Shavelin of Lil Carolina Kids in South Carolina who has become a very good friend and given 4 of my precious kids: Iconic, Cricket, D-Lux & Magnolia a wonderful home at her farm.

Chiquita & Prince Of Fire