Helderberg Hollow Farm

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Chenango-Hills Faerie Princess DOB 04/08 - 10/31/11

Sire: Chenango-Hills UR Ring Bearer *B/*S
Sire's Sire: Rosasharn CH Uproar
Sire's Dam: Rosasharn's TL Gorda
4*D/3*M Top Ten DHI Breed Leader

Dam: GCH Chenango-Hills IP Goddess 10*D/2*M Top Ten DHI Breed Leader - 6 GCH, 4 RGCH & 4 BOB
Dam's Sire: Rosasharn CH Uproar
Dam's Dam:
GCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Ariel 9*D  -5 GCH, 3 RGCH & 4 BOB


 Princess's dam was#1 in Milk, Butter fat & Protein for 2010.

Princess was Junior Champion in 2009 at the Altamont Doe Show.

2009 - 2 does & 1 buck
2010 - 2 bucks
2011 - 3 does & 1 buck

Our beautiful & beloved Faerie Princess went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2011. We think of her often and miss her quiet laid back personality. Although she was only a member of our herd for two years she was very cherished, can never be replaced and is dearly missed.

 We are so glad we retained her 2011 daughter CH Helderberg Moon Shadow, & her 2011 son CH Helderberg FB Prince of Fire to carry Princess's memory and wonderful genetics on. Prince of Fire sired CH Helderberg POF Apricot Brandy who we consider one of our best "home bred" does and who won Best in Show 3 times in 2016. We know both Moon and Prince are making their dam very proud!   


Chenango-Hills Unique - 2009





GCH Chenango-Hills I P Goddess - 2009 




GCH Chenango-Hills I P Goddess & Chenango-Hills Unique

 Goddess is closest to camera in above photo.

Goddess is the 1st doe & Unique is the 2nd in above photo. 


GCH Chenango-Hills Bouncy Trixie